here you will find links to the detailed pages of the build.



Tender Part 1

Tender Part 2

Tender Part 3

Tender Water Filler

Tender Body Panels

Tender Locker Detail

Tender Locker doors

Tender Bunker detail

Tender water Filler Lid

Tender lamp Irons/Steps

Tender Beading

Tender Doors

Tender Tank Sealing

Tender Axle Box Oil Trays

Tender Suspension

Tender Brake Hangers

Tender Brake Hanger Part 2

Tender Brake Shaft

Tender Handbrake

Tender Buffer Stocks

Tender Spring Hangers

Tender Leaf Springs

Tender Shock Absorbers

Tender Hook/Coupling

Tender Water Gauge

Tender Vacuum Reservoir

Tender Vacuum Cylinders

Tender Brake cylinder Brackets

Tender Steps

Tender Fine Details


Bogie Frames

Bogie Centre Stay

Bogie Yoke

Bogie Wheels

Bogie Axle Boxes

Bogie Shock Absorbers

Mainframes Part 1

Frame Stays

Buffer Beam

Doubler Plates


Frame Erection

Brake Shaft Trunnion

Smokebox and Saddle

Cartazzi Axle Horns/axle Boxes

Cartazzi Axle Wheels

Cartazzi Axle Springs

Frames Details

Expansion Link Brackets

Outside Motion Brackets/Running Boards

Door/Door Ring


Main Axle boxes Part 1

Main Axle boxes Part 2

Coupled Wheels



Running Board Hatches

Lamp Irons

Smokebox Door Furniture


Door Dust Shield


Ejector Elbow


Sandbox Rear Plates

Coupling Rods

Cab Main Structure

Cab Ventilator Housing

Cab Windows

Cab Washout Plugs

Middle Cylinder Part 1

Middle Cylinder Part 2

Middle Cylinder Alignment with Saddle

Painting Part 1

Painting Part 2

Painting Part 3

Expansion Links

Main Axle Springs

Main Axle Spring Gear

Axle boxes Completed

Return Crank

Brake Shaft

Middle Cylinder Steam chest

Middle Cylinder Covers

Outside Cylinders

Outside Cylinder Covers

Steam Chest Covers

Boiler Construction

Boiler Fitting

Steam Pipe Covers

Boiler Work

That Gresley Pacific Shape

Valve Guides




Inside Connecting rod

Sanders Part 1

Sanders Part 2

Sanders Part 3

Sanders part 4

Sanders part 5

Draincock Bowden cable

Pipework Vacuum

Brakes Part 1

Brakes Part 2

Cab Fall Plate

Brakes Part 3

Brakes part 4

Brakes Part 5

Brakes Part 6

Gresley Conjugated 2:1 Lever Part 1

Gresley Conjugated 2:1 Lever Part 2

Gresley Conjugated 2:1 Lever Part 3

Gresley Conjugated Connecting Links Part 1

Gresley Conjugated Connecting Links Part 2

Gresley Conjugated Connecting Links Part 3

Piston valves Part 1

Piston valves Part 2

Running Board re-paint

Smokebox re-paint

Spindles and valves part 1

Spindles and valves part 2

Outside Cylinders final fitting


Cylinder Cladding

Draincock linkage

Cylinder draincock linkage

Cylinder Relief valves


Crossheads part 1

Crossheads part 2

Crossheads part 3

Crossheads part 4

Crossheads part 5

Crossheads Part 6

Crossheads Part 7


Outside Connecting rods part 1

Outside Connecting rods part 2

Outside Connecting rods: fitting

Outside pistons fitting process

Inside connecting rod piston/crosshead fitting

Rolling road

Rod and slidebar oiling pots

Cylinder stainless cover plates

Final fitting of pistons etc

Valves painting and crosshead fitting

NLSME Brean club visit event

Locomotive weighbridge

Combination Lever

Union Links

Radius Rods part 1

Radius Rods part 2

Radius Rods part 3

Radius Rods fitted