4472 model details

A little more info on my build....I am building 4472 as she appeared in the late 30's, long travel valves, right hand drive, A1 with a high sided tender. I have taken a little modelers license with regards to the tender as I want what i consider the best possible appearance for the model but also, of more importance, is for the model to be practical in use but with a very high degree of ‘attention to detail’. So, whereas the tender will look right it has differences to what 4472 actually had during the late 30's. 4472 had a high sided streamlined tender No.5640 from 2/7/38. this looks a little odd to my eye with a much more pleasing shape being the new high sided non- corridor type. The two types are very similar, the main difference being that the side sheets curve in at the front and that it has the beading fitted, this matches the loco cab nicely; the soleplate also has a step to it which again suits the locomotive better. In practical terms, this tender has a lower front coal wall and with the middle section of the cab roof being removable ( scaled to the prototype’s own removable section) will allow me the access required to the controls in the cab. This also means that I can include all of the detail on the tender itself. Another small change is the tender water vents, I have built the later vents which sat below the fairings of the higher coal wall, she should have the ‘hooked’ type that sticks up above the wall, not a good thing to have when overscale fingers are leaning over them. To the purists it will be wrong and it is but to me it does two things, it makes a far better looking model but also a more practical live steam working model. I'll keep the correct tender number though. The rest of the model I hope to get as close to the prototype as humanly possible, this will include the backhead with scale fitting being specially constructed. The one area where I have to go a little overscale is with the water gauges, the fittings themselves will be to scale, it’s the water tubes which will be longer to allow me to be able to see the water level better.

Choosing Don's ‘Doncaster’ design gave me a good start as he worked on these locomotives and knew them well, the accuracy of his design is very pleasing when compared to works drawings. In fact in many ways he has drawn a true miniature of the full size locomotive, my aim is not only to follow Don’s superb work, but to take it to an even higher level which will include most of the apparatus being fully functional and to scale.