I'll use this section for research info on 4472 to help me with the build. I will probably add and delete from this section as new info comes to light.

*chimney height: 13' 4"

*dome nut height: 13' 3 3/16"

*safety valve height: 13' 1" (1938)

*cab height: 13' 4"

*cab footstep width: 8'8"

*main axles all leaf spring

*vacuum brake only

*1/4" increase in exhausr clearance

*long valve travel

*buffer beam corners cut off greater than normal 3" quadrant 1928

*bogie spring side control 30's

*5" steam pipes fitted 1934

*bronze axle boxes

*main leaf springs: 5" wide,5/8" thick, 3' 6" centres consisting of 11 leaves

*trailing springs: 5" wide, 5/8" thick, 4' 6" centres of 11 leaves

*drain cocks fitted firemans side via bowden cable

*wakefield mechanical lubricators fitted with long travel valves

*sandbox rodding visible on drivers side (RH), emerging from firebox cladding and pass along outside of trailing coupled wheels splasher and then out of sight behind the other two splashers with transverse rodding to left hand box so both sanders operated together

*smokebox: 2' square holes cut into smokebox top to provide access to header joints (1926)

*injectors: davies and metcalfe No. 10 exhaust steam injector fitted under cab footplate on firemans side with steam delivery valve on faceplate.

Gresham &Craven No.11 combination live steam injector on drivers side, valve on faceplate

*boiler handrails: 1' 1" above boiler centre line with 8 supporting pillars. Firebox handrails 4' 6" long same height as cab rails.

cab: overhang of roof sides handrail 3' 11" and 4' 5" above running plate.

* glass 5/8" thick

Update 4/2/2016  name plates..at some point in the mid 30's the nameplates were changed, they were made longer bringing their ends closer to the running boards and were moved forward, closer to the front face  of the splasher

Update: 23/2/2016

steps added behind front buffer beam, circa 1935

update: 10/4/2016

Wakefield lubricators...

front lubricator , supply all cylinders

rear lubricator , supply all 6 coupled wheels

13/4/2016:  cab glass wind deflectors 4" wide

tender tool boxes have wooden grates sitting in the bottom and are painted white enamel inside.

14/4/2016: continuous blow-down fitted Nov 1939.

Exhibition brass splasher edging probably till July 1938???

16/2/2017 Whistle handles both sides , pull hoop hanging  approx 1' from cab roof