This will be short entry just to show that the brakes now refitted to the chassis and tested. First picture is a general side view to show the brakes once more fitted to the chassis, as you can see the model is being held aloft by it's lifting jib and hoist, a very handy thing to have at this stage of the build. The boost gauge seen in the picture was me measuring the amount of vacuum being generated by the 'Heath Robinson' air through a rubber tube to create a vacuum affair. I only managed 5 Hg using the pipework and 10 Hg when connected directly to the cylinder, so only a half braking effort for now. I haven't thread sealed the union connections yet which is why the reading is lower through the pipework, I'll do this once I'm happy with the pipework layout which shouldn't change but with so much more still to go on anything is possible.

There are two video's which can be found in the video section, one is a general tour of the underside showing the brake rig layout and the other with me narrating is the brake test itself.  Be warned, I'm no director or actor...:)