With the new section now at an advanced stage I turned my attention to the original garage structure. This of course meant moving everything around again but I'm getting a dap hand at that now with the advantage that with each new section I have less to move as some of the gear finds it's home. As before the top of the wall where it meets the timber roof frame is sealed with a waterproof membrane and also bonded with the industrial mastic which also keeps out the drafts.

In the first picture, you can see the black membrane and also the mastic doing it's job between the panels and also along the top between the panel and roof support. The corner has now been clad with 18mm ply and once the wall is also clad the timber connecting post (new to old) will also be hidden. The old RCD unit seen here will be disposed of for a new consumer unit, luckily the garage was already supplied by proper underground armour cable which saves a lot of time, and the circuit of both the house and workshop was tested as fit for purpose. This area is planned not to have a bench, it will be used for any freestanding machinery.

Here we see the wall clad (this time in 12mm ply) and the consumer unit fitted to the wall, I later changed this position to the wall next to it as the cable wasn't long enough to do neatly and vertically. I boxed in the windows with 2x1 timber which will be painted later to match the wall.

A close-up of the consumer unit, not an expensive item, just under £70 from Screwfix. Plenty of switches for later expansion if required, mostly for outside lighting, etc as most things will be run on the ring main. If I add a welder later I'll run a separate line appropriately amped.

Looking back to the new section we can see that some of the gear that needed moving for me to work on the next section has now found its home, well at least for now. Note also that a temporary spur has been connected to give power, all wiring will be sleeved in conduit when completed.

The mill has now been cleaned and the DRO fitted, the mill isn't in its final resting place yet, once the panels next to it have been clad the mill will be moved over a little to give more room for the X travel and the lathe. The DRO won't need to be moved as it can swing on its mount.

Lastly the replica nameplate has also found it's new home.